my view from home

It can be real or imaginary

Since the COVID-19 virus is keeping us closer to home, let’s try to find joy in what we see … or what we hope to see.

A Mail Art Project

  • Participation is FREE
  • Technique is FREE – painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, rubber stamps, 3 D objects, etc.
  • Size is FREE – whatever you can get through the postal system
  • There is NO jury selection
  • There will be NO return of Mail Art
  • There will be NO sales

The deadline is May 31, 2020 NEW DEADLINE IS JUNE 14, 2020!!! DONE!!!

All work and project documentation will be posted on this blog and there will be a postal response.

After it’s completion, the whole project will be donated to the Special Collections at Vanderbilt University Library in Nashville, TN, USA.

In the words of Ray Johnson, “Please Send To” :

Mail Art Postal Response
Email Art Response

Examples of Mail Art from past projects

I’ve come to love the concept of Mail Art projects. They are accessible to all. People from around the globe can take part. All you need is your imagination and a stamp.

Each time I do a mail art project, I swear it’s the last. But, the time seems perfect to do something now.

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